NFL Shutdown of Will Smith’s Oscar Nomination

There’s been a lot of talk lately about racism regarding the Oscars. Forty white actors have been nominated in two years, and no black actors. Well, in considering this, one should consider that African Americans make up 14% of the population. (I don’t know how much of the movie going population they make up, but one could safely guess 14%; give or take) So, given that, it is only right that the Oscar nominees of African descent should be 14% of the 40 actors nominated in the last two years. 14% of 40 is 5.6, so for lack of dismemberment sake, let’s just say at least 6 actors of African descent should have been nominated for an Oscar in the past two years.

At any rate, there needs to be more black actors nominated and there needs to be more quality roles for black actors, just as there needs to be more quality roles for women and women of color and older women, which in Hollywood’s case, means anyone over 40.

Now that I’ve got that out, I will say that in the case of Will Smith not being nominated for an Oscar; and he definitely should have been for his role of Dr. Omalu in the film Concussion, it is a case of snub due to NFL pressure. The film, which was a quite good one, has not been nominated for any Oscar at all. So the reason why Will Smith was snubbed is the same reason that the NFL tried to censor Dr. Omalus  unpopular findings regarding early deaths of former NFL players.

So this time around, in the case of Will Smith, the Oscars have not selectively snubbed him, they have selectively snubbed any and all mention of a film which brings to light the great costs that players must pay in order to play the game of football. First with their sanity and then with their lives. It is not a pretty picture and the NFL would like it if you do not know that. Sorry Will… you, like Dr. Omalu, deserved better.




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